Marcus Aurelio (Contra Mestre Barraozinho) In Capoeira:

Marcus's competition also continues in the Capoeira world. his first Capoeira Competition was in 1998, in which he placed 1st in north America. he then competed in in 2000, at an international Capoeira competition in Brazil. He placed 2nd in a open weight and open level with over 300 participants. Marcus Aurelio then won another North American Capoeira competition in 2005, and acquired a controversial 2nd place in a world competition that happened in Switzerland 2016. Marcus Aurelio Hopes to compete in many more Capoeira Competitions in the near future.

Academy NAME:

Axé Capoeira Vancouver


1739 Venables St

Vancouver, BC V5L 2H3


Phone #:

(604) 537-8943

Over the years Marcus Aurelio has accompanied his father to events and encounters in over 40 countries worldwide. He is the Vice-President of Grupo Axe Capoeira, one of the largest Capoeira organizations in the world today. He helps to lead, conduct seminars, and graduation ceremonies all over the world. He lead the Vancouver Headquarters for almost 15 years, establishing relationships with the city, Governments, community centers, and institutions to promote Capoeira and the Brazilian culture. Marcus Aurelio is a very well known Capoeira player, his style and creativity in the game is motivational to many and has made him one of today’s most influential young Capoeira players.

Capoeira certifications, awards,
graduations & Competitions

2016 - 2nd Place  World

Capoeira Competition

2015 - Winner of Athlete

of the Year, Latin Awards

2014 - Awarded Contra-Mestre

Degree in Capoeira

2010 - Awarded Professor

2nd Degree in Capoeira

2007 - Awarded Professor

1st Degree in Capoeira

2006 - 2nd Place Capoeira

Music Competition

2005 - Winner of North American

Capoeira Championship

2004 - Awarded Instructor

Rank in Capoeira

2002 - Awarded Graduado

Rank in Capoeira

2001 - 2nd Place World Capoeira

Competition - Brazil

1998 - Winner of North American

Capoeira Competition

Other JOBs:

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